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Human Osteology


Human Osteology

5th Edition / Spiral -bound

Use all over the world. Teaches about all 206 bones in body. Check out Carved In Bone reference that this is 'The Bone Bible"

Human Osteology: $90.00

Death's Acre


Death's Acre - Nonfiction

 Dr. Bill Bass, one of the world's leading forensic anthropologists, gained international attention when he built a forensic lab like no other on a hillside in Tennessee, human bodies decompose in the open air, aided by insects, bacteria : The Body Farm. Now, this master scientist unlocks the gates of his lab to reveal his most intriguing cases-and to revisit the Lindbergh kidnapping and much more. 

 Hardcover: $180.00 [Out of Print]

Paperback: $40.00]

Carved In Bone


Carved In Bone: 1st in novel series

 Dr. Bill Brockton goes to Cook County or is it Cocke County, Tennessee? Body in a cave, adipocere, grave wax!

Hardcover: $150.00 [Out of Print]

Paperback: $25.00

Flesh and Bone


Flesh and Bone: 2nd in novel series. 

Dr. Bill Brockton goes to Chattanooga, TN. Learn about skin slippage. 

Hardcover: $110.00 [Out of Print]

Paperback: $25.00

Beyond The Body Farm -Nonfiction


Beyond The Body Farm:  Dr. Bill Bass touches on some of his career's forensic  investigations, using three  acres on The Body Farm.

Hardcover: $180.00  [Out of Print] 

Paperback: $40.00

The Devil's Bones


The Devil's Bones: 3rd in novel series.

Dr. Bill Brockton work at The Body Farm with fire victims. Yes, you can identify burned bodies. Dr. Bill Bass worked on 28 of the 2002 Tri-State   Crematory case in Georgia .

Hardcover: $110.00   [Out of Print]  

Paperback: $25.00

Bones of Betrayal


Bones of Betrayal: 4th in novel series. This book has a lot of Tennessee history. The making of The Manhattan Project [Atomic Bomb] in Oak Ridge, TN.. Also, this book is only one in series that has a sequel [ The Bone Thief.

Hardcover: $110.00   [Out of Print]  

Paperback: $25.00

The Bone Thief


The Bone Thief: 5th in novel series. Dr. Garcia a medical examiner who has lost his hands. Learn how modern forensic reattach hands.

Hardcover: $110.00  [Out of Print]  

Paperback: $25.00

The Bone Yard


The Bone Yard: 6th in novel series.

Learn about the Florida School for Boys. The boys were whipped till they lost consciousness. The school was permanently  in 2011. After an 111 years of abuse, torture, and beating,

 Hardcover: $110.00  [Out of Print]  

Paperback: $25.00

The Inquisitor's Key


The Inquisitor's Key: 7th in novel series. Visit Avignon, France. Palace of the Popes, a skeleton is found is it Jesus bones?? 

Hardcover: $110.00   [Out of Print]  

Paperback: $25.00

Cut To The Bone


Cut To The Bone:  8th in novel series.

Dr. Bill Brockton faces a serial killer. 

Hardcover: $110.00   [Out of Print]  

Paperback: $25.00

The Breaking Point


The Breaking Point: 9th in novel series.

 Learn about airplane crash, mafia, and how forensic continues to solve crime. 

Hardcover: $40.00  [Out of Print] 

Paperback: $25.00

All merchandise is autographed by: Dr. Bill Bass

Without Mercy


Without Mercy: 10th in novel series. This novel is about hate crimes.

Hardcover: $40.00  [Out of Print] 

Paperback: $ 25.00

Jordan's Stormy Banks


Jordan's Stormy Banks: 

This is A Body Farm  Novella . 

Paperback [only]: $15.00

Paperback [only]: $15.00

Identity Crisis


Identity Crisis: True from Clinton, Tennessee  the  Leoma Patterson case has DNA testing, murder, and mystery. A must read for all ages. 

Paperback [only]: $15.00

Tee Shirts - Body Farm


Tee Shirt: Body Farm

Features the founder Dr. Bill Bass

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge, XXXXLarge


Tee Shirts - 90th Birthday


Tee Shirt: Going Strong at 90th


Bass Tote Bag


Bass Tote Bag:

Keep in your car & always have a bag for BONES, groceries, or other  important items. 


Merchandise autographed by: Dr. Bill Bass

Hat- Groupie


Dr. Bill Bass Groupie Hat

Adjustable strap.


Groupie Tee # 3

Tee Shirt: Groupie # 3
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large,
 XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge 

 Tee Shirt: Groupie # 3

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large,

 XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge 


Autographed Photo's


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Price:$5.00 each

Hat - Bass


Black high profile style, mess back: Founder of Body Farm.


Bodies We've Buried

 Dr. Bass wrote the forward [Only]. It's about the National Forensic Academy in Oak Ridge.

Dr. Bass has written the forward in this book about National Forensic Academy. Set in  Oak Ridge, TN..

Bass Orange Tee Shirt

Bass Orange Tee Shirt:
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large,
 XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge 

 Bass Orange Tee Shirt:

 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large,

XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge 


Other Autographed Merchandise

Prints OF A Man


By: Arthur [Art] Bohanan

Forward by: Dr. Bill Bass

Paperback / Price: $35.00



By: Art Bohanan

Paperback / Price: $35.00



By: Art Bohanan

Paper back / Price: $35.00

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Appalachian Tales & Heartland Adventures


0This is another out of print hardcover book.

Price: $100.00

Tellin' It for the Truth


This is another out of print hardcover book. By: Bill Landry

Price: $65.00


When The West Was Tennessee


.NEW By: Bill Landry

Price: $45.00

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